About Us


Is a member of the IDEA Group, established in 2013.

Main operation scope:

  1. Building financial accounting, HR admin, IT, ISO, 5S, KAIZEN,…
  2. Trading, commercializing technical products, FA
  3. Importing, exporting and e-commerce
  4. Warranty and production line maintenance service
  5. Training machines, electricity designers and human resources supplying

We not only provide an internal management system for 7 member companies in IDEA Group but also can support Small and Medium Enterprises in setting and starting up. With many years of working experience, we can advise and support applying 5S, KAIZEN and Japanese-style business operation.

We trade and commercialize technology products such as AGV, Robots, mechanical details, vending machines, and other automation machines researched and manufactured by IDEA Group. In addition, we also supply mechanical components, FA equipment such as bearings, gearboxes, robots, PLCs, etc. motors, sensors…. for many Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese brand such as Mitsubishi, Nachi, Panasonic, Yasukawa…

We also import and export to Japan, USA, Korea market. We import components and materials for production activities, machine processing and manufacturing. We export components, products and equipment manufactured by IDEA Group. If you have any difficulty in importing and exporting, we can support you.

We have well-trained and experienced technical staffs who can support you in setup production lines, operate and maintain, repair and ensure your manufacturing operations. The covid epidemic makes it difficult to import machines, technical experts can’t come to Vietnam, in this situation, with the advantage of a local company, we play an important role for many companies and corporations in Vietnam.

We have many years of experience in training machines and electrical designers. There are more than 1,000 engineers and technicians who have been trained at IDEA Group. With many years of designing for the Japanese, American and FDI markets, we can provide On-the-job training (OJT) service based on the projects that we have been doing for them. We have been entrusted to train key designers for some Japanese companies, and we have also been supplying and introducing more than 40 design engineers to Japanese customers.

IDEA Group includes member companies:


IDEA is a technology and service group, in which 2 subsidiary companies are Science and Technology Enterprises.

Including joint ventures, IDEA has over 500 employees, over 75% of them graduated from famous engineer universities and were well trained in Vietnam or abroad.


  1. Vija Technology JSC: Vietnam precision mechanical factory.
  2. ACE Technology JSC: Joint venture with Japan in machinery and equipment designing.


Over 150 customers from Japan, USA, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Key products and services

High quality, Japanese technology.

  1. Designing service according to JIS standards
  2. Precision mechanical and jigs manufacturing
  3. Automation machines and production equipment designing and manufacturing
  4. Robots and automated guided vehicles AGV Research & development and manufacturing
  5. Technical services, trading, consulting, training, design engineers human resources supplying.


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