Return policy

  1. Purpose

– In order to ensure consumer benefits, improve the quality of after-sales service, IDEA Technical Trading Joint Stock Company will assist you to exchange new products according to the following provisions:

Scope of application of barter:

– Time limit for consideration of exchange and return:

+ No more than 05 days for all products

– Goods exchanged and returned:

+ Buy at IDEA Technical Trading Joint Stock Company

+ The intact stamp (not torn or reapplied) of the manufacturer or the stamp of IDEA Technical and Trading Joint Stock Company

+ No form errors (scratches, dents distortion, yellowing, broken …)

+ Must be complete: Accessories, warranty cards, brochures, brochures / catalogs, packaging, foam boxes … (except for laminated films, plastic films …)

+ Must have all attached gifts and vouchers, receipts, VAT invoices (if any).

Conditions for bartering:

– The product has not been used or used but has an irreparable technical problem (due to the manufacturer’s technical error), is checked and verified by the technical support staff of the Joint Stock Company IDEA technical trade.

– Goods not in the right category and design as you have ordered.

– The product does not meet the quality criteria such as: out of date, expired warranty, not operating, objective failure within the warranty scope of the supplier, manufacturer, …

– Customers pay the fees incurred in the following cases:

+ In case of changing a product other than the model and type as you like, the costs of changing the model or other category will be paid by you. Innovative products are considered as a new order by IDEA Technical Trading Joint Stock Company and comply with the current policies of IDEA Technical Trading Joint Stock Company. The fee for each specific product group / model from time to time shall be approved by IDEA Technical Trading Joint Stock Company.

+ In case of exchanging products that products are accompanied by freight promotions + other supplies when buying, please pay that cost back to IDEA Technical Trading Joint Stock Company

+ Other costs (if any): transportation, installation, dismantling … customers will bear the costs prescribed by the Company.

Cases not accepted for exchange / return:

– Not applicable for products:

– Types of adapters accompanying goods

– You want to change the type, model but without notice.

– You operate not in accordance with the instructions, causing damage to the goods.

– You self influence the external situation such as torn packaging, peeling, broken …

– The goods have been signed to certify new goods, good condition but then you request to return the goods because of the wrong formality (scratches, dents distortion, yellowing, broken …)

Procedures for exchanging / returning goods:

– Customers can contact IDEA Technical and Trading Corporation directly and we transfer goods to the Firm on behalf of customers.

– After having “Product verification and inspection form” with the content of goods damaged due to irreparable technical errors, acceptance of renewal, the exchange of goods will be made in accordance with the Company’s regulations and of the manufacturer; or an authorized service center of the manufacturer.

– The process of handling the request for exchange / return is made within the company’s prescribed time for that product and the shipping time for the whole process of delivery and receipt of goods to the unit responsible for return and return – Calculated from the date of receiving sufficient information and papers as prescribed by the customer.