What do you know from the mechanical engineering industry?

What do you know from the mechanical engineering industry?

As you all know, the mechanical engineering industry is being promoted according to the policy of our State, which is on the way of industrialization and modernization of the country, striving to soon turn our country into an industrialized country in the direction of modern technology. modern. Therefore, industries serving this innovation and development are being actively concerned.

The goal is to create a team of engineers, technicians and high-tech workers who can master technology and modern means and machines. These majors are trained in academies, universities, colleges, intermediate schools and vocational schools. Those are the major branches: Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and the minor majors within it.

Bạn biết những gì từ ngành cơ khí chế tạo máy?

For people, when it comes to the work of the mechanical industry, they often immediately think of iron and steel, related to manual work such as turning, milling, planing, welding … It can be considered that mechanics is the application of engineering tools. physical principles to create useful machines, devices or objects. Thus, mechanics is a major industry that creates the means of human labor in the modern world.

Mechanical engineering is understood simply as the name itself – is the industry of manufacturing machines and production equipment. It can be said that when it comes to the level of industrial development of a country, machine manufacturing occupies a very important position.

Bạn biết những gì từ ngành cơ khí chế tạo máy?

The job of a mechanical engineer:

  • Design and make drawings of machines and equipment for production such as instant noodle machine, cake and candy production machine, packaging machine, bottling, canning machine, agricultural harvesting machine, …
  • Construction or supervision of construction and completion of designed machines and production equipment.
  • Join the mechanical engineering drawing department, requiring knowledge of mechanics, CAD software
  • Programming CNC machines
  • Participating in the installation of mechanical and mechanical equipment for factories and projects: hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, cement, shipbuilding…
  • Participating in the exploitation of industrial production systems: operation, maintenance, troubleshooting of industrial equipment
  • Participate in the design of mechanical products, supervise the production process of those mechanical devices
  • Participating in product processing: turning, milling, welding, material processing…

Bạn biết những gì từ ngành cơ khí chế tạo máy?

Work environment:

  • Frequently in contact with machinery and equipment if you work in a position of production and maintenance of equipment.
  • If you specialize in design, you will work in a clean, fully equipped environment: Technical room, project room…
  • If you work in a production environment, you are often exposed to machinery, steel, oil, etc. and even noise.
  • With the nature of the job, you often have to work in groups and in groups.

Necessary qualities for a machine building engineer:

  • As a Mechanic, you need to have a passion for the job and the profession you have chosen
  • Have creative thinking, logical thinking
  • Have good health

Bạn biết những gì từ ngành cơ khí chế tạo máy?

Some advice to consider:

In the disciplines of mechanics, perhaps mechanical engineering is one of the relatively difficult disciplines. In the university, future engineers will be well trained with classic subjects: Measurement engineering, assembly tolerances, technical drawing, strength of materials, machine parts, manufacturing technology machines, jigs, machine tools…. To be able to study well and master these subjects, you need to have a good technical mindset. In addition, it is also necessary to mention basic subjects such as math, informatics, which help develop thinking and calculation skills.

Currently, our country is accelerating industrialization and modernization. So the demand for the workforce is huge. In addition, the investment in large production facilities of economic groups and foreign companies in Vietnam, which mainly come from: Japan, Korea, China… has made the mechanical engineering industry The machine is developing rapidly. Therefore, you can rest assured and believe in the future of the industry that you are following and will study.

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